It is a known fact, that today you need to run to keep up with the others, and run very fast to overtake. Already many companies have realized using their experience that the site is attracting new customers much cheaper than other means. For example, an online store for its owner saves the cost of renting and equipping of premises, payment to vendors and consultants. Creation of online store requires investment in the beginning but it will save much more in the future.
Another example: for many companies website directory  is an effective means of attracting customers. It does not matter whether you sell tires or bridal bouquets, - it is easier to show the whole range with the help of photographs on the site than to arrange a tour to every potential client. Manufacturing site and directory  may take from  several days to several months, but in case of changes in the directory it takes extra time.  If compared with a few days, spent on site development, and a few minutes that go to make changes to the site, then one can see significant advantage.
The list of advantages is large. Please refer to our experts, and you get detailed advice on the use of the site with the maximum benefit for your company
We have experience in such interesting activities as:
• Development and creation of websites,
• Web design
• Web programming,
• Support site (help of the programmer, regularly updated site content, changes in the structure etc.)
• search engine optimization,
• promotion of sites on the Internet
• contextual advertising.

These services are also offered by other web-studio. However, there is a fundamental difference: all of our projects are made with great care, attention to quality and details. The software part has all the necessary features, site design is reflecting the company's corporate identity, the content of the siteis optimized for search engines, and so on. Even a small defect or mistake on the site can cost you clients. We do not tolerate such errors, our main rule is impeccable quality.
Integrated development of internet-shops and the creation of a promotional site for us is as easy as development of sites and business cards.
If you have not yet decided whether you need a website, think faster –your competitors are not sleeping! Our experts will help you to understand what type of site will be beneficial to your company, how you can get profit from the work site. Contact us (e-mail:, and consider that the development of the web page has already begun!

We also have the optimization and promotion of sites in search engines

Initially, measures to optimize and advance, we need to figure out what the idea of ​​the project, which gives us an idea of ​​the target group.

1. Define the idea of ​​the site

So, we have an idea. The first thing we need is to identify our target audience using competitor sites and tools for tracking trends:

• How do our customers think?

• What they are looking for information?

• What are their needs and problems than they will help our site?

• What is not yet in the market, what niche to fill our website?

• The age, sex, and if necessary, the geographical location.

• Their income - we have to understand how much they are willing to pay for a solution to the problem and are willing to know.

2. Analysis of key phrases, designs and traffic competitors (link mass analysis, analysis of the text density and volume of pages of text, analysis of other parameters that affect the promotion).

3. Audit of the site plus the internal optimization

• Analyze code, design and structure on ease of use.

• SEO analysis and optimization of site content (if necessary, make changes to text, content, meta tags and other preparatory work).

4. Keyword selection, use:

• Tools for tracking trends.

• Use Google Suggest.

Based tool tips keywords Google and Yandex, we create a semantic core site. Already at its base and on the wishes of the client, we select the most requested by users phrases, create a description for search engines (description), choose keywords (keywords), and create a unique description for each page of your site (title). Then we optimize the text on your site, create a semantic kernel, so that it was

1. easy to read users and search engines to correctly perceive your site and brought it up in the rankings. Also create internal links on the site, select titles for pages (H-1, H-2).

2. With the same description and keywords, we make your website search engines to index Google, Bing, Yandex, register site on free message boards.

3. Create pages and ads on social networking sites Facebook, Google +, write articles and publish them to the similar in content sites or directories with a link to your website.

4. Set the meter, monitor visits for Google Analytics, based on these reports are compiled for visits and are making based on these changes in the campaign and to the site.

5. Create an account on YouTube. Install video from your video material and load per channel in YouTube. All headings and links to YouTube are very important to improve the ranking of your site for different search engines.

6. Set a site map with Google, which allows a quick search of your company clients, improves search engine rankings and more customers will be able to see, and that is our goal.

We conclude the agreement and on the same day begin to work. First the work on site audit, a report is about finding the site in search engines, and errors on the site. You offer 5.10 key phrases for which the site should be within sight of the search engines.

After 30 days of the start of work on the basis of summarizing the data control positions. In the process, we analyze the progress and make recommendations for the correction of promotion.

This is a standard set of services for organic promotion site.

As a rule, we conclude a contract for one year, during which we maintain a site on high positions in search engines, update, modify and add information to the site.

We suggest you choose one of the packages of services to promote:

1. Basic.

2. Optimal.

3. Complete.

Basic package

1. Site audit.

2. Copywriting (creating articles) or editing existing articles based on the semantic core.

3. Work on the internal website optimization, headers, internal remake .

4. Search engine promotion needs 5-6

5. Monitoring and analysis of progress, statistics, reports, Google Analytics.

Package price: 160 euros per month.

Optimal package

1. Site audit.

2. Copywriting (creating articles), or editing existing articles SEO based semantic core.

3. Work on the internal website optimization, headers, internal  remake.

4. Search promotion of 10-12 requests.

5. Preparation and maintenance of contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google AdWords.

6. Involve users of social services (create and maintain accounts in social networks).

7. Monitoring and analysis of progress, statistics, and reports.

Package price: 190 euros per month.

Complete package

1. Site audit.

2. Copywriting (creating articles), or editing existing SEO articles based on a semantic kernel ..

3. Work on the internal website optimization, work with headers, internal remake.

4. Search promotion of 20-25 suggested query.

5. Preparation and maintenance of contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Adwords.

6. Involve users of social services (create and maintain accounts in social networks).

7. Preparation and maintenance of banner ads on niche sites.

8. Promotion on the online forums.

9. Monitoring and analysis of progress, statistics, and reports.

10. Purchase and paid links and articles, including the preparation of anchor.

11. Quality control and indexing of links to the site.

12. Control of regional origin site.

13. Control unique info .

14. Control the appearance of malicious code on the site (external links, viruses, server errors).

Package price: 350 euros per month.





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